Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tapas en el globo - Bilbao

mousse de pescado con algas
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Tapas are as most foodies know small bites or dishes served typically at the bar, to snack between drinks and conversation. In the northern part of spain pintxos (pinchos) and tapas have evolved from the simpe skewer and meat on bread to "tapas compuestas" where the tapa takes on a culinary mantle, elaborated for multiple levels of taste and texture. These are the types of tapas popular in the middle of the old section of Bilbao at El Globo
the tapas are elaborate, tasty and avantgarde with the likes of mousse de pescado con algas (fish mouse covered in algae)

mousse de pescado con algas


morcilla, queso y mariscos

salmon and anchovies

salmon y boquerones

and some more basic ham and bread...

jamon, y pan con jamon

melted cheese

queso fundido

Either way the choices where awesome, avantgarde and very tasty



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I received a large bounty of cucumbers from a neighbors garden and decided that kimchi was a good way to make it last.

I started with daichon radish peeled


and shredded


the base was a napa cabbage


These were salted, along with leeks and green onions.


after salting the vegetables are rinsed.

salted radish and cucumber

I prepared a paste of flour, water and sugar and heated it on the stove, when thick chili pepper powder, garlic and onion is added and ground further.


kimchi paste prep

kimchi paste

It is all coated in the pepper sauce and left ot ferment for a day in a cool dry place.


When done it is a bit sour, greatly pungent and very tasty.