Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot's Kitchen - Hermosa Beach

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Sorry I haven't posted much lately, here is a great place in Hermosa Beach, Hot's Kitchen, yes, the chef and owner is my brother in law, but the food is excellent with a great vibe to the eating area. Somewhere in the archives of the blog is our visit to Hot's Cantina, which was also great. We ate here twice on our trip to California, and had a great time. The mood is very casual with the ability to share some dishes, and some small plates, extensive beer selection and friendly servers.

We ordered a ton of items from the menu with some help from my sister in law and my neice.
My daughter wanted the lamb


She liked it (I stole a bite and it was good)


the "Hot'sBurger"

Hot's burger

of note these burgers are not full sized which allows you to try multiple items, but they are very flavorfull.


They have a huge selection of tacos. I think this was pork






and a bunch more, you get the idea

bunch of tacos

They also have a selection of fries large and small cut, both tasty
chili lime fries


with a mushroom dipping sauce

fries with mushroom dipping sauce

Would definitely consider stopping in if you are near.
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