Friday, June 7, 2013

Rappahannock Restaurant

Oysters + pearls
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I visited Rappahannock Restaurant in Richmond, VA twice, both with my parents who fell in love with the place on the first visit and insisted on a return visit. This was several months ago now, so the menu may have changed.

We ordered the brandade Brandade A potato and cod emuslion of sorts, which my father really enjoyed. Also the Cured Salmon Cured salmon We ordered clams Clams Which came with toasted bread. Delicious and briny, great seasoning. I always order oysters, but we also ordered pearls and oysters, the combo of oysters and salmon roe. Oysters + pearls This combo is perfect, and my father in particular loved it and ordered it on our next visit as well. The boy and I had the lemonade from the bar which was excellent. Very likely will go back for more oysters and the great seafoood dishes. Certainly beats having to go to DC for great oysters. Rappahannock Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fat Dragon

kumpao shrimp
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My wife and I were actually the first lunch guests at Fat Dragon (Jan 2013) on Boulevard the day they opened for lunch. The staff were obviously ready for us and the rest of the crowd that followed. The menu has changed considerably since then
The lunch menu at that time was limited as compared to the dinner menu or the current menu on the site. we went with some crispy spring rolls

crispy spring rolls

The rolls were crispy served with a chilli mustard sauce, Tasted great.
My wife also had a wonton soup with her order.


A terrible picture but a good appetizer.
I had the Kumpao shrimp which was spicy accompanied by Kimchi wich was flavorful but not terribly spicy.

kumpao shrimp
We had a very nice lunch and enjoyed the ambiance and service. Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar on Urbanspoon

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Waffles for dinner

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The kids and I decided to have waffles for dinner as their mom was going out with friends.
We did do the traditional chocolate chip waffle with chips inside and out

chocolate chip waffle

But we also mixed in some savory, such as the pizza waffle with cheese in and on top

pizza waffle

Then the boy had a combo chocolate chip and bacon waffle, (not pictured as he ate it too fast)
and I had the sauteed onion and bacon waffle with KimKim Sauce all over it

bacon and onion waffle

Fun easy meal, just takes a little imagination to come up with combos

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Red and black bean chili

Red and black bean chili
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One large batch of red bean chili and one small batch of black bean chili. Both the same base of onion, celery, garlic, tomato paste, sauce and whole tomato. Tons of chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper. Nice for a rainy cold night.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Amuse Lunch and some Chihuly

glass instalation
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I went to lunch with a friend at Amuse after many years of talking about it. It just happens that the Chihuly exhibit is currently ongoing. My wife is a huge Chihuly fan and we went to the Q+A with him and then toured the exhibit the next day, prior to my lunch. The exhibit is excellent with mind boggling pieces of glass.

big glass

green chihuly

I had a drink on our first night as my wife toured the shop. I think it was described as a smoky gin drink, it was very tasty, and matched the colors of the glass below the restaurant.

gin drink

For lunch my friend ordered the pork buns (no pic) and the braised squid

braised shrimp

He enjoyed them both and renamed the pork buns as the evil pork buns as to their addictiveness

I had the sprout salad (not pictured) and the quail


both were very good, with a slight spicyness, certainly not overwhelming.
We had a terrific lunch with good service, we had arrived without reservations to what looked like a full service, yet were seated immediatlly.
Go see Chihuly, and get some food while you are at it.
Amuse Restaurant - Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on Urbanspoon

Saturday, July 21, 2012


almejas a la plancha
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One of the most frequented restaurants we go to when in Madrid is O´Caldiño. It is a galician styled restaurant, where tapas are truly based on what you drink and eat, as well as your repeat business. The boy and I went back maybe three times in the week we where in Madrid.

almejas a la plancha

and we ate like kings. Above sauteed clams.
below on the house croquetas and meatballs

croquetas y albondigas

Gambas a la plancha

gambas a la plancha

caldo gallego

caldo gallego

caldo gallego


stewed muscles


Ensaladilla rusa and pintxos (on the house)

ensaladilla rusa

and my favorite pulpo a la gallega (octopus)

pulpo a la gallega

If you are in the neighborhood would stop in.

with bread

Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

blurry san miguel
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The Market (Mercado) of San Miguel in Madrid is a redone market with tremendous vendors, ham, cheese, fish, meat, wine, beer. Anything and everything to stock your larder or eat out.

The last time we went we scored a variety of foods. Of course ham, Iberico de bellota


We had some oysters, that were the brineiest I've ever tasted

plato de ostras con vino

You can almost imagine the salt on these


We had some paella rice (all of this shared between 3)


and some pork rinds (chicharron)


We love this market and hit it every time we are in Madrid. Fun place with great food.