Friday, June 7, 2013

Rappahannock Restaurant

Oysters + pearls
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I visited Rappahannock Restaurant in Richmond, VA twice, both with my parents who fell in love with the place on the first visit and insisted on a return visit. This was several months ago now, so the menu may have changed.

We ordered the brandade Brandade A potato and cod emuslion of sorts, which my father really enjoyed. Also the Cured Salmon Cured salmon We ordered clams Clams Which came with toasted bread. Delicious and briny, great seasoning. I always order oysters, but we also ordered pearls and oysters, the combo of oysters and salmon roe. Oysters + pearls This combo is perfect, and my father in particular loved it and ordered it on our next visit as well. The boy and I had the lemonade from the bar which was excellent. Very likely will go back for more oysters and the great seafoood dishes. Certainly beats having to go to DC for great oysters. Rappahannock Restaurant on Urbanspoon