Saturday, December 31, 2011


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My wife and I went to IronFish for our 17th wedding anniversary. A Friday night, she had called ahead, but they don't make reservations so we braved it anyway. The wait when we got there around 7:30 was 45 minutes, which is not horrible but enough to get your attention and think of different options. We stepped outside and started calling other nearby restaurants, but within 20 minutes the hostess came out and called our name. We bypassed several larger parties that had been waiting longer than us, as a 2 person table had become available. I was a bit embarrassed but then figured out that they couldn't have sat those people at this table anyway. The restaurant is very nice with some booths and two table areas as well as a bar which was packed. My wife had seen the Richmond Magazine cover of best new restaurants with the fried squid and wanted to get that as an appetizer so we did. We also shared a bottle of wine (tempranillo, which we brought home and finished off the second half of the bottle at home, hey it is our anniversary)


The squid were very tasty and tender, there are banana peppers breaded and intermixed which add a nice tangyness, but my wife doesn't particularly care for that. I thought they were good. My wife ordered the crab cakes for her main course, (althought she vacilated between the lamb shank)

crab cakes

She liked them very much and actually brought one home and had it for lunch today, thought it was still very good. I ordered the whole branzino


Perfectly crispy with flacky meat. I love the crispy tail and flippers. I did not bring any home as none survived. We shared two desserts, the key lime pie with mango cream and the chocolate cake

cake and pie

both very good, but the key lime pie was the more tasty of the two. We had a very nice evening, the service was very prompt, casual and friendly despite what looked to be a very busy night. As we left we could hear the wait staff explaining that some items where sold out, but we did not run into that issue. This is another great addition to the RVA seafood restaurants, we will definitely be back.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boricua in RVA

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I cooked up a puertorican christmas meal this year. Pork roast, rice and beans, bread and salad. The pork shoulder was seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil and vinegar. I roasted it at 300 deg for half hour per pound till it came to an internal temp of 180 deg farenheit. Till it looked like this


after resting...


on platter


pork roast

I served it with white rice and red beans. The beans began with a sofrito. of onions, garlic, carrot, later peppers, celery, pancetta, oregano, parsley, salt, pepper. pimenton and cumin


Then added tomato paste and chicken stock

bean base

This was simmered for an hour then the beans and some cooked yuca where added, and served over white rice

arroz con habichuelas

Very traditional, very tasty, and some leftovers to boot.

Friday, November 4, 2011

China Poblano

china poblano
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During my trip to Las Vegas I made a point of checking out Jose Andres' China Poblano. I loved it, so I ended up eating here twice, once alone the second time I dragged three friends with me. I have eaten tapas at Jaleo and the tasting menu at Cafe Atlantico in DC, both very good but I found China Poblano as a more fun dinner, the menu is amazing with both chinese and mexican dishes and some fusion of both.
They run 3 kitchens, the open chinese

chinese kitchen

The open mexican


and a closed kitchen in the back. I think they also service the Vegas version of Jaleo which sits one floor up. (both these restaurants are in The Cosmopolitan hotel)
Here are some of the dishes we had, Duck tongue tacos

duck tongue taco

very tasty but not very duck tasting, beef tongue taco with pork rinds

tongue taco

This was incredible.
A noodle and seafood dish titled shrimp nest, with veg and mushrooms

shrimp nest

Su Mai, good, but not the stars of the night.

sui mai

Beijing glass noodle soup, the broth was perfect.

beijing glass

Shrimp Mojo, I think this was my favorite

shrimp mojo

Seared scallops (i didn't try this but they looked good)


we got some greens, Green Beans with Lotus

green beans and lotus

Very tasty Tamal


Ok I was lying earlier, this was my favorite, the red pozole

pozole rojo

Great food, accompanied by the house drink the salt foam margarita,

salt foam margarita

Would strongly reccomend a visit if in Las Vegas.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

CarneVino Las Vegas Nevada

Don't climb or sit
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I went to a conference in Las Vegas, where I got to meet up with a lot of friends, but also got to eat at great places.

We ate at CarnevIno, one of Mario Batali's restaurants. Tremendous steak place with tremendous price ranges (expensive).
We started out with bread with either butter or lardo for toppings

lard and butter

We picked the beef cheek ravioli, (probably the best thing we had all night)

beef cheek ravioli

The gnochi bolognese

Foie gras

foi gras



20 ounce pork chop

pork chop

and the 8 month dry aged bone in reserva rib eye. This is only available once or twice a year, as you would expect for a cut aged so agressivly.

aged ribeye


The steak was great, the taste of beef was accentuated, as was the funkiness of mushrooms and earth.

We had a couple of drinks, the service was outstanding, the food delectable and the price albeight outrageous we had a great time.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bistro 27 Lunch

Sausage salad
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I had some time so I ran into Bistro 27 for lunch. Very nice space, the menu was interesting, (I may have to come back with my wife for dinner) I ordered the sausage salad, Locally produced by Sausage Craft, a pork and Pecorino cheese sausage with frisée salad dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette, served with french fries

Sausage salad

The salad dressing on mixed greens was great the sausage was awesome with a great juicy bite. The fries where cut thin and crispy seasoned well. Great meal, the menu was very intersting making me want to go back.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Blue Goat

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I went to lunch at The Blue Goat with my partners from work. Loved the interior and enormous bar area. I ordered the GLT (Goat lettuce and tomato sandwich)


It was very good with the braised goat bringing a great substitute flavor for bacon.
My partners both had the cow and pig burger topped with a duck egg

Cow and Pig Burger

Open face

They both agreed that it was very good. I realized too late that we didn't order any fries with pork dust, serious mistake that will have to be remedied. Also Hank Shaw of Hunter Angler Gardner Cook will be there this month so sign up if you want to.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill (Miami)

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What I did on my summer vacation! Flew down to Ft Lauderdale with the family and met up with a friend (Mike) and his family that I haven't seen in person since 1986.

25 years later

Despite this and thanks to Facebook I felt like I knew his wife and family. We had previously planned on a grand meal... and for heaven's sake we had one. Mike drove us down to Miami and we ate at Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill. We had reservations for 8, 4 adults and 4 teens. We were promptly seated and mike proceeded to order the entire freaking menu in multiples of 4. We had other diners stopping by and ogling our spread, it was decadent and spectacular with the teens feasting as only teens can do. Here are most of the dishes.
We started with fried pig ears

Pig Ears

pig ears

crunchy and delicious, followed closely by edamame and fried shisito peppers

edameme and shisito

Food began arriving in rapid succesion after this, croquetas and bacon wrapped figs

bacon wrapped figs

a seafood tower, multiple views!

seafood tower



Then steamed pork buns (delicious) and ceviche

pork buns and ceviche

Cured meat plates

meat plate

more meat

beef tartare with a quail egg

beef tartare

Wagyu beef sliders with a fried quail egg on top (also spectacular)

wagyu sliders

Bone marrow with veal stew trimmings

bone marrow



grilled squid and octopus

squid and octopus

mike and the octopus

chinese barbecue spare ribs

short ribs

Duck confit on a waffle, topped with a fried duck egg


duck confit, waffle and duck egg

and finally dessert, torrejas, rhubarb pie, ice cream


apple and rhubarb pie


The whole affair was monumental and incredibly fun. Every dish was outstanding and the company supreme.

dinner at SugarCane

Hope not to go 25 years before the next get together.

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