Thursday, July 21, 2011

Geoduck harvests by Manny Howard

Stuntfoodways founder Manny Howard writes about American Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest dominating a rich trade in giant clams.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Karen's City Diner - Great food

Fried salted herring
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Grabbed some breakfast at Karen's City Diner on Broad Street after dropping my daughter off at camp. I have driven by this place multiple times and thought about trying it but I'm glad I finally did. The staff was incredibly friendly. They clearly remembered the frequent customers and what they usually ordered. I checked out the breakfast menu and the fried herring stood out to me. I went with grits and a short stack as sides but there are obviously other choices. The fish was perfectly fried, crispy and flavorfull, the eggs also perfect sunny side up. Grits great, pancakes great (would consider coming back just for some pancakes.)

Fried salted herring

I really enjoyed this meal and will be back... maybe work my way into the regular circle.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

latke and lamb

latke brown
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I cooked a quick version of latke and paired it with some grilled lamb. The latke I made with grated onion (1), potato (3), one tablespoon salt, one tablespoon granulated garlic, one (1) teaspoon lime 3 tablespoons of dry oregano. I grabbed a small bit of the potato mix and dropped it in an inch of hot vegetable oil.


I turned it multiple times, knowing where the hot spots on the pan where. till it looked like this

latke brown

The lamb I cooked on indirect heat on the grill till it was nice and medium rare...

grilled lamb


Really great home cooking not too hard although a bit time consuming, lamb and fried shredded potato

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kentico Cuban Bar & Grill

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The boy and I were left alone for another weekend so we decided to eat out. Initially we shot for Comfort, but the drive by showed a line of people so we drove around the block and ended up at Kentico.


I ordered one of the specialty mojitos which was very good


The boy went with the cuban sandwich


I ordered the roast pork with yuca in mojo sauce

roast pork

with a side of black beans

black beans

The boy thought the sandwich was very good. My pork was good, I prefer it when it is not shredded for me, but it was very tasty. The yuca was excellent, garlicky and well seasoned as were the beans.
I ordered the guava and cheese dessert

cascos de guayaba

The candied guava was very good, but the pairing with cream cheese although complimentary on the salt and sweet front is not as good as using a harder cheese such as queso fresco.
The boy had the tres leches cake

tres leches

Which he thought was also very good. I ended with an espresso.


A nice meal good friendly service.

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