Thursday, July 14, 2011

Karen's City Diner - Great food

Fried salted herring
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Grabbed some breakfast at Karen's City Diner on Broad Street after dropping my daughter off at camp. I have driven by this place multiple times and thought about trying it but I'm glad I finally did. The staff was incredibly friendly. They clearly remembered the frequent customers and what they usually ordered. I checked out the breakfast menu and the fried herring stood out to me. I went with grits and a short stack as sides but there are obviously other choices. The fish was perfectly fried, crispy and flavorfull, the eggs also perfect sunny side up. Grits great, pancakes great (would consider coming back just for some pancakes.)

Fried salted herring

I really enjoyed this meal and will be back... maybe work my way into the regular circle.

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Sazón Boricua said...

Me encanta ese tipo de almuerzos , Mm! ricos!!

RVAfoodie said...

I love the catfish and eggs at Louisiana Flair, but I don't know about herring. It looks boney. And the tail is still on it? Anywho, pancakes. Haven't had'em at Karen's but I've recently been converted to a pancake fan by Moore Street Cafe. Go try and compare. I'll do the same.

BaconGrease said...

vaya, riquisimo. Y tremendo

BaconGrease said...

@RVAfoodie, the bones and tail still on are a plus for me, they are fried to a crisp and can be chewed up and eaten... I love that. Will have to check out Moore Street Cafe.