Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mofongo de Yuca

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I had a Yuca root sitting around and decided to make a mofongo with it. It's the same technique as when making a plantain mofongo. Frying the yuca in two steps and combining it with pork chicharron garlic and salt. So I cut up the yuca in pieces.


sliced yuca

then fried the Yuca first at 350 deg till soft, around 10 minutes

yuca first fry

Then at 400 for just a couple of minutes

yuca frita

I had a piece of roasted pork (head in this case)

pork head

I fried up the skin to make the chicharron

chicharron de cabeza

I then combined two cloves of garlic, some peppercorns, salt and oregano in the mortar and created a paste. The yuca was then pounded in the mortar in 3-4 batches and turned into a chunky mash. I mixed in the pork crackling and roughly molded it


Turned out very tasty with a garlicky pork taste.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Octopus Terrine

octopus terrine
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I had bought a pair if frozen octopi the last time I was at the fish store, The act of freezing the octopus actually makes it more tender after cooking. Defrosted the octopus in the fridge over a couple of days and tried to decide what to make. I was going to make it for escabeche with capers, olives, onion and peppers, or a traditional galician way but decided instead to make a terrine that either way if it fell apart or had leftovers I could still make into escabeche.

octopus defrosted

defrosted octopi

I set a pot of water to boil, with no salt (it's supposed to make the octopus more chewy) a couple of bay leaves, peppercorns, and a penny (traditionaly octopus is cooked in a copper pot which gives it a darker color.)


I then dunked the octopus into the water 3 times letting the water come back to a boil after each dunk.

blurry octopus

We shot a bit of a ponderous video of the whole process

terrine of octopus from Eugenio Monasterio on Vimeo.

As you can see we cooked potato in the same water after the octopus was done. The octopus was seasoned and placed in the terrine with plastic wrap, and unmolded the next day.

octopus terrine sliced

My son says it looks like a fossil. We served up the potato with pimenton


and served it all up

octopus plated

Served with some olive oil and some sea salt on the side. Turned out very tasty and makes a cool presentation.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach California

My brother in law's restaurant in Hermosa Beach. He now runs two restaurants in California. Working hard and doing good work.

Hot's Kitchen Hermosa Beach from Rima Lyn on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

National Pancake Day

National pancake day
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In honor of National Pancake Day we had pancakes for dinner. It was a great succes.
We assembled topings

sugared banana


cooking bacon


Heated up the griddle (dog looks on)


and cooked some pancakes

banana pancake

The boy ordered bacon chocolate chip

chocolate and bacon


Fun night with the kids.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Low and high brow

pork liver pate
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On the high end of our weekend the boy and I hit Secco Wine Bar for our second visit as we had had a great time the first time around. The menu had changed a bit, but we still had great food.
we started with the cheese and salumi plate.

cheese and salumi plate

The cheese was excellent: Roncal, Ewes, Blue
The meats also tremendous: Jamon Iberico, and a Lomo for local producer Olio.
We also shared the Tortilla de Hongos (fritata with fungi)

tortilla de hongos

We shared the Venison Sausage with white beans

Venison Sausage

and the pork liver pate

pork liver pate

oh yeah and I had a beer (whatever was on the specials board)


Once again we had a very fun time, sat at the bar and shared small plates of interesting foods. Would reccomend to all.

Secco Wine Bar on Urbanspoon