Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kale chips

Kale seasoned
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Many of the bloggers on eatingrichmond, have posted their versions of Kale chips or dehydrated kale. EatingBirdFood, CaramelizedOpinions are just a couple of examples. I had fried some kale to a crispy finish in another dish, but decided to bake it for this one. The Kale was accompanied by thinly sliced country pork ribs seasoned and thinly cut, cooked a la plancha or on a hot dry skillet.

I washed the Kale and cut out the main stem or rib.


after trimming

Kale chips trimmed

I dressed it with olive oil and seasoned salt (lowry's) and layered it on a rack over a tray. I then placed it in the preheated convection oven at 325 deg F. for 12 minutes. They shrink and get brown on the edges.

Kale  seasoned

they end up very crispy and tasty, this is how we served it

Kale chips done

great side dish, or snack as many other people serve it. It is easy and quick and certainly can be seasoned a million ways.

Kale chips and pork

Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

White bean stew

plated beans
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This dish is a variation of a fabada which is an asturian dish (from Asturia Spain) which combines common or ingredients into a bean dish. These were family subsistence meals where in one pot you can feed many people and stretch the budget. The main ingredient is the bean. I bought some very large dried white beans "alubias judion" from La Tienda.



I soaked the beans overnight, and was a little worried as some of them split in half, some others lost their husk


but I got over it, after chatting with my mother and asking her if I should peel the beans or what. She told me to leave them alone. (mother is always right)
I then got my ingredients in order

One onion
2 bunches of green onion
one whole head of garlic
2 bay leaves


1 tbsp of thyme
2 tbsp of pimenton (smoked paprika) sweet
2 morcilla links (blood pudding sausage)
1 piece of hard cured chorizo
strand of soft non cured chorizo
1 piece of salt cured ham (prosciotto or serrano)
1 large slice of head cheese (I made this)
1 large slice of cured pork loin (la tienda)
1/2 cup of roasted red pepper
1 tbsp of capers
black pepper to taste

I cut a large piece of ham off my La Quercia Paleta



and began to render it in some olive oil in a large stock pot


I then added the onions, bay leaves and green onions and sauteed till only slightly brown


I added the morcilla to brown it and render some fat but then removed it so it wouldn't burst in the stew


I made a puree of roasted red peppers with capers by using an immersion blender and adding a bit of water.

roasted pepper and capers

then blended to form a sauce


at this point I added the pimenton to the onions sauteed quickly as it will burn and then added the pepper puree to deglaze the pan

pepper puree deglaze

I let it cook for a minute or two then added the beans and the meats


I added water to cover it all as well as the whole head of garlic and returned the morcilla to the pan

floating morcilla

I cooked it for 4 hours which was when the beans were tender. I actually let it cool and placed it in the fridge at this point to let the flavors meld. The next day (what is this day 3 of this dish!) I blanched some kale

blanched kale

and added it to the beans as they reheated. The finished product was spectacular. the beans are soft but not mush, they retain their individuality, the pork flavor is perfect with the ham retaining it's flavor and melding with the head cheese and chorizo with the morcilla being perfect. The Kale adds some nice color and contrast. If you have the time I highly reccomend trying this or a variation on this dish.

plated beans

I've got plenty of leftovers (as usual) so i'll be working my way through it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goofing around

Playing around with the youtube search story creator. Very cool.

Search Stories

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thai Gourmet Restaurant

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Thai Gourmet Restaurant is minutes from my house and we frequently get take out and occasionally eat in. There are always several tables occupied when I go in which makes me happy, keeping the restaurant busy and patronized gives me hope that they will be succesfull and remain so close. The staff and owner are very friendly and accomodating. I went for lunch with my wife and where once again very happy with the food.
We ordered the steamed pork dumplings

Steamed pork dumplings

Very savory served with a thick dark soy sauce.
Also the Nuamtoc


Grilled sliced beef with chilies, lime juice and cilantro, over a bed of lettuce. (I love the Salad section of this restaurant, really dishes to be shared, but could double as a main for anyone)
My wife also ordered the Spring Rolls with Shrimp, served with an outstanding peanut dipping sauce (missed the pic)
I had the Tom Kha


Coconut soup with mushrooms, onion, cilantro and spring onion with tofu. This is really our go to restaurant in our family. The owner runs the front of the restaurant is pleasant and accomadating of tastes and strange requests (I bought a small bin of spring roll dipping sauce from him for a party once.)
chech out the RTD write up

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