Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jam Session Play

Started playing with Jam Session. It is fun, (and this is the bottom line really... the rest of this blog means nothing, other than my ineptitude at the game, despite sucking, being tone deaf, and making my dog howl throughout the game/music play I had fun) I need to work on my music skills though, I sound worse than my ten year old on the viola. The tutorial is very basic, but it clues you in on the gameplay... but you can suck harder than drinking a Wendy's Frosty through a straw and you can still get through the tutorial. Your music still sounds like my kid on the viola. With some practice, and having heard some of the songs you can figure out the rythm and where the words start and end, but this is far from obvious where they are placed on the sheet music.

Once I emerge from the 8th level of suckitude I may post a song, my son wrestled the game from me and managed to play something much more outstanding than on the viola in about 30 sec... so there is a future.

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