Sunday, April 27, 2008

chicharrones rellenos

chicharrones rellenos
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I decided to try and make some stuffed chicharrones, marrying two different puertorican recipes crackling chicken and plantain mofongo. I wrapped the mofongo in chicken skin making small sausages, I tied them and fried them up. They were interesting but I think I need to work on my seasonings. I shoved a mild red pepper in the one that came undone. It also needed a little something extra.

trussed and ready to fry
This is what it looked like before frying at 375 deg
Cropped chicharron
And after frying.
chicharron relleno

As I said the chicken skin turned out very crispy which I liked. The mofongo was a bit on the bland side unfortunately. This might work with something spicier, maybe a green chile + ground pork, or perhaps something sweet, guava and cheese.

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