Friday, November 13, 2009

Cafe Rustica

Gnochi and rabbit
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The boy had a rehearsal at The Carpenter Theater, so we stopped for dinner at Cafe Rustica.

Cafe rustica

We started off sharing the frog legs baked with a hearty putanesca type sauce and grilled bread.


The legs were meaty and tasted flavorfull with just a hint of seafood. (what the boy said)

More legs

I had a Kelpie beer, which was interesting


The boy ordered the Gemeli with Gambero (shrimp and pasta with peas in a creamy red sauce) The shrimp in this dish were cooked perfectly, with a crispness to each bite.


I ordered the rabbit saddle with gnochi with apples and cheese.

Gnochi and rabbit

Everything was very good, the boy brought home some leftovers, the service was great and they treated us very well. Will definitely be back.

Cafe Rustica
414 E Main St
Richmond, VA 23219-3822
(804) 225-8811

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RVA foodie said...

I think I'm ready to try my first frog's leg. Being a seafood-eating vegetarian, I think I'd have to stretch my definition even further, but what the hell? It's the frogs' fault jumping around with such appetizing looking limbs.