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done fideua
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Fideua is the pasta based alternative to a paella. cooked in a very similar manner either with thick or thin short noodles. This one has chorizo, pork and butter beans. The stock was made from beef bones.

The ingredients

fideua ingredients

Butter beans about 3/4 cup
small chorizo sausage (from La Tienda)
Pork Shank meat
grated fresh tomato and garlic

fideua pasta

short thin dry noodles (I think I may have bought this at Olio)
Heat olive oil in your pan, and sautee the ingredients step wise

olive oil

The meats

pork and chorizo

the grated tomato and garlic

chorizo, tomate

The beans and some sofrito

butter beans

2 tablespoons of pimenton went in sautee for 30 sec then
I then added the beef stock and seasoned with salt to taste


I did not measure the liquid but filled the pan to just underneath the handle rivets, then once the liquid began to boil, I added a single line of pasta across the diameter of the pan till the pasta was about a centimeter above the water line. Then mix to distribute.
15-20 minutes later it was done and looked like this

done fideua

fideua flashed

The noodles are a much different texture than a regular rice paella, crispy on the bottom, creamy in the center and firm on the top. The butter beans were a good choice here adding a nice sweetness and crunch.

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