Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Halo 3 playing

OK, I've played through the first three levels of H3 the first two in coop mode with my 10 year old son and the third level all by my lonesome. My impressions are positive, not disappointed in the derivative H2 game play as some are... hey I enjoyed H2. The game itself looks great, even on my regular old CRT TV. It is hard to adjust at the beginning to the split screen as my TV is relatively small for that. The brutes AI is better, but still limited (try sniping from longer distance... and they don't return fire) There are still tons of nuances I haven't played with, specifically the shields, disruptors etc, not to mention the flamethrower. I have been so far extremely successful in avoiding the finally spoilers so don't screw me here. I am very interested in going back and finding the skulls and consoles though so a second and third play through are guaranteed.
In other console news, the DS kicks ass. I've known that for some time, as both my kids have their own. (check out the Flickr) I recently bought the crush DS Lite special edition with Brain Age 2 and am totally hooked. Need some more game recomendations (I'm playing BA2 and my kids have Super Mario Bros DS which I'm borrowing)

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