Monday, February 28, 2011

High and low brow

chili dog
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The boy and I had the weekend free so we decided to have some meals out. Saturday for lunch we hit Sam's Hot Dog Stand on 301.
We ordered three chili dogs, one relish dog, fries and drinks. We arrived just before noon, and walked right up to the counter, but immediately after the place was packed with a line just to the door. Mixed crowd of what looked like grandparents, parents and kids.
The hot dogs where good but not spectacular, they lacked the bite/snap that a high end dog has. the toppings where OK but again not spectacular.


The bun was steamed and soft

relish dog

Having said all that we had fun, enjoyed our lunch and didn't spend much money, the service was attentive and really well meaning, with staff working hard to move the crowd. I think I will be back as there is not a similar establishment near me for that chili dog fix every so often.

Sam's Hotdogs

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