Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cocido Madrileño

cocido madrileno
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I took the boy to Spain to spend some time speaking spanish. While in Madrid we decided to have some proper cocido. This is a dish that is all cooked in the same pot, but the ingredients are then served in sequence.
It starts with the cooking liquid, with small noodles, pretty much an awesome noodle soup. Served in a large soup dish, and accompanied by a selection of pickled peppers and olives.

cocido madrileno

The amount of soup could easily have been an entire meal, actually that is true of every portion of this meal. (we ordered for two!)

caldo y fideos

I ate two bowls of soup before the next plate arrived, the garbanzo beans with potato, carrot and cabbage


Everything was perfectly cooked. We remarked that the potato in particular was spectacular. Very flavorful and perfectly cooked. I think it is easy to throw everything in a pot but the skill is to have each ingredient cooked appropriately not under or overcooked.
Soon after the garbanzos the meats arrived.


Chicken, pork, morcilla, bone marrow, beef shank all super tender and delicous, and bountiful.
I was about to blow up satisfied and starting to bust into the meat sweats, yet the boy ordered dessert.

lemon sorbet

A lemon sorbet.

A great meal, good service.

Taberna de Buenaventura
Calle de Hermosilla, 69, 28001 Madrid, Spain

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