Monday, January 21, 2008


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I finally got my yeast starter to the point where it creates a decent sourdough. I've kept it alive feeding it every 2-4 days for around 6 weeks. It definitely is a slow low activity yeast as it takes a good 6-8 hours for the dough to double in size. I baked this at 500 deg for around 15 minutes, It was still a bit wet on the bottom so I returned it to the oven at 400 deg for another 15 min. Of course I didn't get the picture after the lower temp, (basically looks the same just darker. I am really liking the sour aftertaste and am pretty happy I took the time to grow the culture this long. I'm curious if it will evolve further.

More photos
Sourdough loaf
Sourdough side

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