Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Zelda on the DS plus more

I have been playing my sons Zelda game for the DS. I was initially worried about the use of the stylus for control and attack, but it turns out to be very intuitive. The map on the top screen (and the ability to pull it down fro notes) works geniusly on this game. I still have a long way to go in the game, and I'm a little worried, as my I have heard my son complain about the amount of backtracking he has to do in the game. (he still plays it though, so it can't be that bad)
Like most people I didn't get to play much Xbox this holiday as the Live service was essentially out the whole time. The kids got Mario Galaxy, Cooking Mama, and Ravin Rabbids 2 for the holidays so we have pretty much been playing those games on the Wii.

I keep meaning to take more food and meal pictures, but I always remember at the last minute or not at all. I need some more food posts, but mostly I would want to post some pics of the meals. I am hoping to put together a Chinese/Korean hot pot dinner the first for the immediate family if that goes well we will try it out at a larger dinner party.

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