Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eating well in Brooklyn

Pretzel and boy
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We spent a long weekend visiting my wife's friends. It was a culinary adventure. I don't have pictures of the first stop lets just say that the host is from Laos and can cook. The pictures are all in Brooklyn (or pretty close by) From the boy firing up a pretzel to much more involved home cuisine. We stayed with an old friend of my wife's and her family, it just happens that the husband of my wife's friend is Manny Howard, a freelance writer and passionate foodie and budding locavore.


Needless to say the food was outstanding, but the company and conversation much better.

We hit great food and beer spots

Surprise at the beer hall

This beer garden had excellent sausages not to mention beer. And of course the company was the best.

Beer Hall

We cooked and ate ourselfs into a frenzy. Starting with a pork shoulder in mojo and multiple sides

friendly dinner

We planned on some well dressed burgers and hot dogs after the beach...

Sides and toppings

but had to add something a little more exciting into the mix

Boiled Lobster

Not to be oudone, my daughter caught and helped to eat a local clam, which cooked with the lobster.


proud fisherwoman

Gaby caught it Gaby ate it

Overall an outstanding trip where we made new friends and hope to get together again!

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