Friday, November 28, 2008


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Coquito is the puertorican equivalent of eggnog. It is generally drunk around the holidays. Tradicionally it is made with eggs (like eggnog) but I grew up making it this way. At my parents house I would have harvested and peeled the coconut myself. These I bought at the supermarket. Cracked and cleaned them.

Microplane and coconut

I used to clean the meat with a knife and a lot of patience but I discovered that a microplane works great. It is reccomended that you bake the coconut at 350 or 400 deg F for 5-10 minutes to make it easier to remove the meat. I tried but maybe I left it in too short of time, as I was afraid the meat would brown. Anyways cleaning the coconut meat off the shell is the most time consuming part of the deal.

The work area

I then grated the coconut in the food processor


I had reserved the coconut water and made a simple syrup with it adding nutmeg, cinamon and clove

agua de coco

I added the coconut to this

coconut in the coconut

I then added water to cover and brought it to a boil.


From here I strained it, and put the coconut in a rag to press it. the remaining coconut milk I mixed half and half with rum and set to chill. Will drink later.

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