Monday, November 24, 2008

Homo Sapiens

There is a reason we are who we are. Chefs and foodies recently seem to be on the offal trip. "Head to tail eating" a new or resurrected phenomenon. In my opinion it is an ancient phenomenon. There is a really important reason we like... crave some of the most basic foods, bone marrow as the best example. Humans although currently omnivores where at some point... specialists. Imagine back to prehistory. Not dinosaur time as some story tellers would imagine, but the time that mammals ruled the earth. But before we did. Humans where lower on the food chain, probably somewhere on the scale of hyena and other opportunist. The problem is that by the time homo sapiens came upon a meal it was gone. Except for the bone marrow. Homo sapiens had the tool know how to break open the bones of previously killed carcasses to harvest the fatty and nutritious remnants. Very few, if any, animals are able to access this food source, it requires tools and strength. Now of course after the evolution of our brains and tools it seems simple. But in reality it may have been this very simple food source that propelled homo sapien into the position it is in currently. The apparent simplicity of splitting large bones with a rock ended up out commpeting a whole host of other creatures. which in the end, makes fat... bone marrow one of the greatest treats of mankind.

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