Sunday, July 19, 2009

Churros con chocolate

churros con chocolate
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We stopped for chocolate and churros at San Gines, a chocolate shop just off the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

taza de chocolate

The chocolate is very thick, just short of pudding


The churros are hot, and there is powdered sugar on the table to sprinkle.

Dante con chocolate

It's not a stretch to say that the kids didn't complain.

Gaby con chocolate



veron said...

Where can I have this in Richmond, Va. This is simply torture. I love spanish chocolate and the thicker ones that come witht he churros are my favorite.

BaconGrease said...

That's a great question, I haven't seen it here... may have to case out some latin restaurants.

Jeannette said...

que sabrosos y yo haciƩndome la idea de que ya eras todo un esperto haceindo churros,lol!
Que disfrutes

BaconGrease said...

Las ganas mias Jeanette! Aunque tecnicamente no muy dificil, da mucho trabajo hacer unos churros.