Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home made Bagels

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I read a great blog and recipe for making bagels, I will post the link here in lieu of the recipe.

I followed the recipe almost to the point. I didn't quite use the last 3/4 cup of flour and used molasses instead of malt or sugar. I probably should have used the cornmeal on the pan may have cut down on the char a bit. Otherwise the turned out great.

Here they are after kneading resting and shaping.


I put them in the fridge overnight. In the morning I was a bit dissapointed as they had not risen much that I could tell. I let them come to room temp and tried to convince myself that they were fatter although I don't think they were. Having said that they definitely plumped up during the boil in alkalinized water.


The kids helped to top them


I should have incorporated the chocolate and raisins into the dough prior but I didn't think about it. You can see in the next picture how much bigger they look before baking.

ready for the oven

They baked at 500 deg for 5 minutes then at 450 till they were brown on top (very brown on the bottom)



Here are all the topped/flavored ones

topped ones

and the plain ones

plain bagels

They ended up very tasty, with a crisp outer layer and soft crumb

bagel crumb

They take some prep, but it's not terrible and the payoff is great. I was amazed at how much flour went into the mix, I ended up with 16 bagels.
Will probably make again but next time will flavor the dough for some of them.

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The Husband said...

These look great, and sound like they're easy to make. They might be on the menu here for Sunday brunch.