Thursday, August 11, 2011

Acacia Midtown - Wines of New Zealand

agave honey
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I went to dinner with some partners from work, we went to Acacia at one of their wine dinners.
I have been to Acacia before and really like it.

This time around we had Seafood Sausage as the first course.

seafood sausage

paired with a 2011 Lawson Hill's Pinot Gris
The dish went very well with the wine, which most of us liked the most (the wine)

This was followed by a cucumber and melon salad

melon salad

Served with a 2009 Lawson Hill's Gewurztraminer wine. The wine was shockingly fragrant and bold, but actually went very well with the melon

I went with the Porchetta main over the tuna


Nicely marbled cut of pork, it could have had a more crispy skin but it was still delicious. It was paired with a 2009 Momo Sauvignon blanc, that also went very well with the dish.

I had the cheese plate with agave honey for dessert

agave honey

cheese plate

I was very happy with the food and wine pairings and as a group we had a great time.

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