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crab cakes
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I went to Sensi with a large group of people and we had a tremendous meal, and a great time. I tried to document most peoples dishes but didn't succeed with some, here are some of the great dishes we had.

They offered us a mixed appetizer dish (for parties of 7 or more) which included fried calamari


very thick not gummi or hard, perfectly cooked.
Seared tuna with onions

seared tuna

Mini crabcakes

crab cake appetizer

all where excellent (I may have missed some)
On the mains we had:
Lamb chops

lamb chops

Risotto with seared tuna


crab cakes

crab cakes

Fetuccini with pesto (for the vegetarian in the group)


and the ribeye

Rib Eye

The food was tremendous, and the ambiance great. We put down a couple of bottles of wine and brought home a ton of food. a great place to eat as a group, but also one for couples as they seated us away from the 2 people tables.

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