Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OK Another Paella

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I've posted these a couple of times, but they are easy and tasty, should be made by all, depending on the ingredients you have.

Started with chorizo


peeled shrimp, shells saved

cleaned shrimp

bag of clams


roasted and peeled red pepper

roasted red pepper

Started out by sauteeing the shrimp shells in olive oil.

family food 027

removed the shells and sauteed the chorizo

sauteed shrmip

then added the peeled shrimp


sauteed for a bit and removed it all. Sauteed garlic with the bomba rice and added pimenton and sauteed for a couple of seconds more.

rice and pimenton

before adding the chicken stock (3 to 1 liquid to rice)


brought it to a boil and addd the peppers

liquid added

I then added the clams


I added the shrimp and chorizo back when the rice began to show


Terrific dish, quite a few steps but done in under 30 minutes with all ingredients prepped.


veron said...

I've always wanted to try paella. It looks simple enough with your step-by step picture instructions. can't believe it takes just 30 minutes to cook!

BaconGrease said...

It's actually pretty quick, sautee some ingredients then wait for the rice to cook.