Saturday, November 13, 2010

Black sheep...Good God

Black sheep
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For the love of all that is holy, I went to lunch at The Black Sheep, got there right at 11:30 as we had tried to go the previous day at noon and found it packed to the brim. The menu is an awesome selection of dishes, from brunch to dinner. I decided on the CSS Virginia, fried chicken liver with cabbage, apple and green onion. The most amazing thing happened next... the waitress asked me if I wanted the full or half battleship, there where a couple of college students next to us eating what appeared to be a large battleship, so I went with large. The waitress took the order with no hesitation, no pause, no warning, no "are you a f*(!ng idiot."
I had my back to the kitchen so when the sandwich was delivered what I witnessed was my friends eyes narrow as he delivered a "F*(k yes, that's a sandwich" and the waitress dropped a cutting board with a whole freaking loaf of bread sandwich in front of me.

Black sheep

We were laughing as the restaurant turned to watch what dimwitted fool had ordered the enormous sandwich. It came with a knife so you can cut it. Which you have to, to adequately eat it.

Css virginia

The lack of warning aside, the sandwich was awesome, the remoulade slaw tasty, the chicken livers perfectly cooked. I managed to eat about half and took the other half home (which they wrapped up in butcher paper very neatly) and the boy finished it off for dinner that night.

Chicken liver and slaw

The boy wants his own visit so he can select a battleship, will go again, maybe brunch next time.

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RVAfoodie said...

I would love to sit across the table from your son as he takes on a Black Sheep battleship. What makes that place so great (and infuriating) is that you can't really go wrong no matter what you order there. Sure, I want to order a battleship, but also pimento cheese, curry salad, fish tacos, chix and dumplings (for the wife), two orders of pickles, and three desserts. Anywho, I'm serious. Count me in.