Monday, November 15, 2010

Full Kee Dim Sum

Pork buns
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Took the boy for Dim Sum on Sunday, we had not been since our original trip. It really is a great place, busy varied dishes, pleasant staff and large family groups. We really should go more often.
This go around we had Duck on Rice

Duck on rice

Probably my favorite Lotus wrapped stuffed sticky rice

Lotus wrapped sticky rice

Shrimp is some sort of soggy tasty wrapper (don't think that is the official description)


and crispy shrimp rolls and stuffed pork buns

Pork buns

We ate as much as we really cared to everything delicious accompanied by some hot tea. Lots of fun and a nice finish to our culinary weekend.

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RVAfoodie said...

I have fond memories of dim sum as a child. I know that Full Kee has a reputation for bombarding even adventurous meat eaters with bizarre animal parts, but is there any chance that a vegetarian or pescatarian can make a good meal out of the dim sum?

BaconGrease said...

I think you could, they have seafood on the carts, mostly shrimp, but also clams, + baby octopus. The plate of chinese brocolli is awesome, It may take you a bit longer to select, but I bet you could do it.