Thursday, November 18, 2010

w00tstock 2.7

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This is a departure somewhat of where my blog has been headed for the last several years. Initially I imagined this would be more geek culture along with some food, but it has turned out to be way more food and cooking than gaming or geeking. So back to geeks and nerds. My daughter and I went to w00tstock 2.7 in NYC.

getting ready to go to w00tstock

Just the two of us traveled to NYC, we did stay with my brother and his wife, and invited them to join us at the show. For the uninitiated w00tstock is a celebration of all that is nerdy, geek and otherwise awesome. Giving credit that in the real world we (geeks and nerds) run shit.
Jonathan Coulton stood in for Will Wheaton as the host at this show...

Jonathan Coulton as wilw

But we also had Grant Imahara (from Myth busters)

Grant Imahara

As well as Adam Savage (also from Myth Busters)

Adam Savage

Most surprising and enjoyable was Marian Call

Marian Call at w00tstock 2.7 from Eugenio Monasterio on Vimeo.

MC Frontalot was there as well and rocked it out.

We got some photobombs with Coulton and Storm

Picture with Jonathan Coulton

and ultimately loved the show and total experience.

Achievement unlocked

Some nice daughter dad bonding.

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