Monday, June 7, 2010


BroadAppetit hot crowd
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Another post on Broad Appetit. I swung down on Broad around noon and quickly ran into RVAfoodie and his wife (darling octopus) and the internet famous Jasper. They gave me the skinny on what to hit and they were right. The Thai pork belly from Six Burner was great, soft and fatty with an excellent savory sauce.

Pork Belly

Six Burner

I had never eaten at Croakers, although I always have wanted to.

BroadAppetit 008

They by far had the most generous serving of food for $3

croakers fried catfish

A large piece of perfectly fried catfish, cornbread, sauces to choose from, (the hot sauce was so great) onion and peppers and fries. I actually didn't finish the fries because I wanted to hit some other sites.

I got a blurry photo of the pastrami slider from Balliceaux, It was incredibly tasty the pastrami falling apart under the bun.

pastrami slider

I had the ribs from Haligans pub and then scored some Macarons from Petits Bouchees


I said hi to Kitchen Musings and was awestruck at how tasty the Macarons were with contrasting textures and tastes, somehow cold on a blazingly hot day. My favorite was the passion fruit one.
I had a great time, and wished that I could have tasted more, but I was stuffed. Great fun and food, very proud of the Richmond restaurants that participated the great bands and crowds that braved the heat.

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