Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day Paella

a comer
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My wife made the trek to williamsburg to get a special father's day sale item from La Tienda, a paella burner with an extra pan. she also bought some rice and a long spatula.

in pieces

I put it together (My wife went out and bought the gas line to connect to a propane tank)

Father's day present

the boy was excited


paella deconstructed

Father's day we cooked a rice dish with shrimp and squid and some assorted leftovers. A video follows, most memorable for the boys comments on labor relations and poisonous frogs as much as for the cooking commentary.
But first:
Rice... short grain bomba rice

arroz bomba

Parsley, garlic and red pepper
parsley garlic pepper

Grated tomato (I covered it against flies and missed sauteeing it, which should be done to decrease water content)

grated tomato

Green beans cleaned and chopped

green beans

Shrimp, squid and red pepper.

on the burner

Full video here

Cooking paella with the kid from Eugenio Monasterio on Vimeo.

I love the new setup, bigger pan. Thanks to the family for the present


Anonymous said...

That paella cooker looks to be on the unstable side.. it doesn't look like it would be stable with a large pot on it for boiling shrimp or say, making a batch of home brew.

A cajun cooker might be better.

BaconGrease said...

I wouldn't say it is unstable, but I wouldn't put a big pot on it either, you can buy an attachment that gives you a raised edge (probably just for such a thing) but it would limit your paella pan size. A cajun cooker would probably work fine as you point out, (pretty much the same thing just lower to the ground)