Thursday, June 3, 2010

Online Gaming

Ok it's been forever since I covered anything video game related but I have had a recent resurgence of play.
I played a fair amount of the Halo Reach Beta, I enjoyed it very much. It is reminiscent enough of Halo 3 but not so much that it feels like an expansion pack. New weapons, loadouts and tactics make it feel like a new game. I am looking forward to the full game.
I just got a copy of Red Dead Redemption and have played for a couple of hours. The single player is very fun, with lots of sandbox missions and options. Not as hard (at least initially as GTA 4) My current gripe is with the implementation of multiplayer. I don't think it's an XBOX live issue as I have never been unable to log onto a game for "network" issues but Red Dead consistently denies me some multiplayer cowboy action.
I've got Super Mario Galaxy 2 in my mitts but do to a recent grounding of the boy, I haven't played it yet. Hopefully will fire it up this weekend.

Oh and I cooked a rib eye roast today on the grill it was good.

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