Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Loaf

bread loaf
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I have intermittently kept a wild yeast culture going for months at a time, this time I think I killed it. This loaf didn't rise much at all before baking. Although you can tell it did rise some during the baking as noted by the large crack.
I do like the color pattern with rich browns and yellows

bread loaf

The loaf itself was very dense, but a surprising crumb. I've added more flour and sugar to the starter and will try to revive it for the next time.

bread loaf

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Cariño said...

Con un poquito que entiendo su idioma y esas fotos (sobre todo por las fotos), prepararé alguno de sus platos que con solo verlos... ya engordo ¡Qué ricos!!! Enhorabuena por sus recetas. Un saludiño.