Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dinner with Friends

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We had friends in from out of town last night, so we made a rather traditional puertorican meal, roast pork, rice and beans and tostones.

The beans started with a sofrito of onion, garlic, parsley, cilantro, oregano, bell pepper, and tomato paste, cumin bay leaf and annato (achiote). I had some pork bones from a previous pork roast and added these with homemade chicken stock. Diced butternut squash and then added canned beans and let cook for about an hour on low.

bones in the beans

My wife bought a pork shoulder, but a ham or butt works just as well, I like it with the bone in. I cut crosshatche in the skin through the fat and I marinated the shoulder overnight in a rub of garlic, salt, pepper, annato seeds, oregano, lime juice

shoulder seasoned

I picked off the annato seeds prior to roasting as they can be bitter.

pork shoulder

The pork roasted at 350 degrees to an internal temp of 175 f


I took some green plantains... quick aside, in my opinion one cannot make tostones with ripe plantains. Ripe fried plantains I would call amarillos. Anyway...


I chopped them and put them in heavily salted water with some lime juice and granulated garlic for a few minutes.

plantain in salt and lime

I then dried them over paper towels and fried them at 325 deg till golden brown.

first fry

When cooled down a bit I mashed them (I use the bottom of my mortar with the plantain between two pieces of oiled waxpaper)


They are then fried again at 375 deg till firm and crunchy.


I usually salt them and serve with a little hot sauce optional on the side.

I made bread as well, it turned out tasty but not what I was shooting for. (I was hoping for a much lighter larger crumb but oh well)

bread done

We had great company and the food turned out great. Here's another shot of the pork for good measure.

cooked pork shoulder


Jeannette said...

Ese pernil es toda una tentación! en ocasiones compro uno pequeño para mi y mi esposo y lo devoramos en un santiamen, jajaja
Gracias por siempre visitar mi blog y ya estaré pasando mas a menudo por aquí.
Yo de pequeña me crié en la calle Intendente Ramirez,justo al lado de Rafa's cash and carry no se si lo llegaste a conocer este negocio. después cuando tenia 16 años nos mudamos para Jardines del Caribe, ahora vivo en Bayamon!

BaconGrease said...

Gracias Jeannette. Esta noche comi de ese mismo pernil! Nuestra primera casa en Ponce fue en La Rambla, y luego vivimos en El Monte. eso de Rafa's Cash and carry me suena conocido. Mis padres se han mudado a Isla Verde donde viven ahora, todos nosotros los hijos nos hemos mudado fuera de PR. Espero poder ir possiblemente esta proxima navidad... pero veremos.