Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Date + Game Night

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UNC vs Vtech and Date night. Tilapia with virginia ham shrimp and a yellow pepper mandarin orange sauce, over mixed vegetables.

First I sauteed virginia ham with onions and garlic and chopped up small shrimp.

onion and ham

The chinese broccoli greens are to be added later (at the very end)

chinese brocolli

I cut up some yellow bell pepper and cooked it for 15 minutes in a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water) along with black pepper a garlic clove and a mandarin orange.

yellow onion and tangerine

This I then pureed and strained reduced and added some butter (the good stuff... you know what i'm talking about) and used it in the final sauce.

I then defrosted some tilapia filets


a couple of shrimps

defrosting shrimp

and stuffed the first with the last, using a toothpic to keep it together.

fish and shrimp

I added the Kolrabi to the onions and ham


I then stuffed the tilapia lightly with the sauteed mixture while seating it on a bed of Kolrabi.

before the oven

I topped it with a really small bit (half a teaspoon) of apple cranberry chutney

before the oven


It is very pungent and adds quite a bit of aroma with big bits of apple, cranberry and spice. This went into a 350 degree Farenheit oven for around 10 minutes.

I served with some bagged mixed vegetables and the yellow pepper sauce over top and on the side

finished dinner

it turned out really good, with a nice contrast of sweet sauce, salty pork, mild fish and pungent cranberry sauce.


Tricia opened some wine

open the wine

our house wine

Fat Bastard

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