Friday, March 19, 2010


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I have been jonesing for some ceviche for quite some time now. It doesn't help that I'm addicted to a peruvian cooking show Aventura Culinaria that is availabe on You Tube, in spanish (as Aventura Culinaria or Giro Del Peru.)

I bought some peruvian aji amarillo on the internet (La tienda) then I bought some fish filets at the hanover fish market.
I cut it into small pieces and marinated it with
mandarin orange slices
red pepper
fish sauce
lime juice (3 limes)
olive oil
aji amarillo (spicy peruvian yellow pepper)


It really depends on your liking (heritage) if you eat it right away or in the next several hours. In peru they briefly marinade and eat almost like sashimi, in PR we let it sit longer (also cut it bigger)
Either way it is tasty, great citrus flavored fish.

mas ceviche

try it


Sazón Boricua said...

que delicia y con lo que me gusta... hummm! voy a tratar tu receta se ve delicioso!!

SkeeterNYC said...

It's beautiful looking! Does the mandarin make it a lot sweeter?

And I'm so intrigued by the fact you add a dash of fish sauce. I wonder myself how it's noticed in the flavor. Does it just add a bit of umami or does it make it a lot more salty? Thanks for sharing!

BaconGrease said...

The fascinating thing about peruvian cuisine (which I am no expert in just a fan) is the Japanese and oriental influence on the Spanish and original andean cooking. The tangerines added a nice crunch and sweetnesss without sweetening the ceviche itself