Friday, March 19, 2010

Fried Pig Ear

oreja de cerdo
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This is a followup from my pig head post.
I braised some pig ears in soy sauce, brown sugar, salt and garlic


I cooked them for a good hour

braised ears

ears cooked

I then cut it into strips

fried pig ear

I salted and peppered it and let it sit as I heated the oil to 375 deg. the boy stared at the ears...

checking out the ear

Once fried they are crispy and tasty, they fry down to a much smaller volume. Options for use include topings for salad or other dishes in need of cruch. try it.


veron said...

I love crisp pig's ear. We have dish we called "sizzling sisig" - in the Philippines that uses pig's ears, snout etc. and served on a sizzling plate - very popular to drink with beer.

Sazón Boricua said...

nunca las he probado asi, pero el cuajito si me gusta.. mi pregunta es los nenes se las comieron? jajaja!

BaconGrease said...

Hi, I have a philipino friend who talks about sisig, may have to try and make it some day. Y si mi hijo y hija lo probaron.