Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Olio and Eating Richmond

olio board
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We had a get together of Richmond food bloggers associated with the aggregator Eating Richmond. The venue was perfect, Olio is a European market with great cheeses, cured meats, and outstanding hot dishes, pizza's and cold beer (oh yeah and wine). They had very interesting oils, vinegars and canned/bottled products

olio oil and vinegar

The beer selection was great, and at least that night was grab what you want and have the counter open it for you.

olio beer

The cured meat section had some great selections

olio salumi

The olives where great as was the proscioutto

cheese olives and prosciuto

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite foods marinated white anchovies in the display

anchovies in olio

It was a very interesting and enjoyable night for me, meeting such a diverse, intelligent and pleasant group of people with a shared interest in good food.

bloggers at olio

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Anonymous said...

Great to meet you the other night! Glad you had fun, we sure did! Come on in for a beer today... it's St. Patrick's Day!

T said...

Wow that place is so stocked! nice photos. the meet must have been such a great time. i didn't even know about the place before reading the e-invite, but now i have to check olio out!