Monday, March 22, 2010

Stewed Garbanzos - Cocido de Garbanzos

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This is actually a rather simple dish that requres patience and planning. It is a take on galician and madrilenan stews. The first step is to soak your beans overnight. I used garbanzo beans but you could also use large white beans. I used one bag of beans, which pretty much will feed a small army (I'm thinking around 12 adults).
The next day, I drained the remaining water and refilled the pot (large pot) with water and added two onions, one whole head of garlic,

pig tail

and a pig tail, you could add trotters here as well. I also tied up a large bunch of parsley stems and hung them in the broth. I let the broth cook for 4 hours. I removed the parsley midway through this cooking.
After 4 hours I added one large blood sausage, two chorizos a generous hunk of cured pork loin and a slice of my head cheese.

morcilla de burgos


head cheese

I let this cook for another 2 hours then added salt pepper and one teaspoon of pimenton (smoked paprika)
After the next 2hrs (6hrs so far)
The tips of the legs of two rabbits along with its livers, heart and kidneys

cocido conejo

As well as some blanched collard greens and one small cabbage

collard greens


This cooks for the remaining two hours, taste for salt. It really doesn't need a side other than some good crusty bread and a nap afterwards. The leftovers keep well. Somehow after 8 hours of cooking and everyone smelling and tasting we missed out on a final shot as we were ravenous. (I'll update with a shot when I heat up some leftovers)
here it is done


and served

cocido served


Sazón Boricua said...

nunca lo he probado de esta forma.. por lo regular cocino las patitas y demás carnes en una olla de presión, así tardo menos en la elaboración del cocido de patitas que suelo preparar a menudo. Pero me imagino que es gratificante ver el resultado y mucho mejor saborearlo , :)

boscodagama said...

I'm glad you cook real food. I've been looking at Sazón Boricua some since I saw it on your page.

Buen provecho!

BaconGrease said...

Thanks boscodagama, Jeannette has some great recipes on her site. Did you live in San Antonio? We lived there for 5 years, loved it.

boscodagama said...

Orale! I grew up south of San Antonio and graduated from High School there. Look at more of my blog. Soy tejano.