Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Smokey Pig

The Smokey Pig
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The kids and I ate at The Smokey Pig in Ashland VA.
We have never eaten here despite passing it multiple times on the road. The boy was hungry

hungry smile

the girl was in judge mode


We started with some hush puppies, which were great

hush puppies

They were crisp and bready with corn and apple taste

taste it

The boy considers himself a soup critic and thought the tomato soup was incredible.

tomato soup

The girl ordered a steak which came to the table perfectly grilled with a smokey exterior, medium rare interior.


The boy went with a burger (he shares my antipathy of pulled pork)
the burger was huge and tasty


I ordered the pork ribs

rack of ribs

They were meaty, perhaps a bit dry, and not as smoky as Buzz and Neds but still very flavorfull. The house sauce is sweet and tangy and complimented the ribs very well.

We left very full, very happy with the food, and great personal service.


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pjpink said...

Smokey Pig is not bad and I think they have improved in the last few years. And a great place for families.