Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jam braised pork chops

weekend cooking 005
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This was an easy dish that turned out great. Sweet and savory.
I started with a couple strips of bacon on a cast iron pan

weekend cooking 001

I then added some thin pork chops seasoned with salt and pepper, and then painted liberally with a mixed berry jam (mostly blueberry).

weekend cooking 002

I then layered some chopped onions on top

weekend cooking 004

and reseasoned with salt and pepper. I put it in a 375 deg oven for 40 minutes, till It looked like this...

weekend cooking 007

The carmelized and charred onions went well with the sweet jam, and the chops were very tasty. I served it with mixed vegetables on the side.


veron said...

Looks absolutely scrumptious and easy! Can't wait to try this. Love porkchops!

The Wife said...

These look delicious! I'll definitey have to try this.