Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Asian Short Ribs Mike Lyn Style

My friend Mike sugested a recipe for short ribs. I modified the recipe somewhat to fit my schedulle. Instead of brasing the ribs, I cooked them in a pressure cooker.
I first seasoned the ribs with
soy sauce
oyster sauce
(and I added black bean paste)
In the cooker I browned ginger, garlic, bell peppers and onions


I added the short ribs, beef bones,

beef bones

left over grilled chicken, white wine, cilantro and black pepper
(you won't need salt cause the soy and oyster sauce are really salty) and chinese sausage.

chinese pork sausage

(I bought the sausage at Tan-Am)

pork sausage

Asian Short Ribs close

Asian Short Ribs with sausage

I covered the pressure cooker and cooked for an hour on high pressure and half an hour on low pressure.


I served it over somewhat bland (what my son said) white rice, but the sauce is very rich.

rice with spare ribs

very rich, tasty dish, with plenty of leftover spare rib meat for another couple of dishes. I think the marrow from the beef bones addes a lot to the sauce. plus the dog got a bone for the evening.


BaconGrease said...

The dog was ill last night, I guess the bone was too much!

RVA Foodie said...

No offense, but it does look like dog food. Of course, I'm vegetarian, so take it with a grain of salt. Nonethless, I know that short ribs (one of my wife's faves) tends to taste better than it looks

BaconGrease said...

That's hysterical, there is a long tradition in my house of getting distracted by the main course but at the time of sitting down discovering that no sides where made. I bought some mung bean sprouts that were to go with this dish but I totally forgot them. Would have been good with some leafy greens on top as well, but alas. I need to work on my picture setup.