Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feeding women

beef sandwich fodder
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My wife had a very impromptu gathering last night.
I made small beef sandwiches;
Flat iron steak seasoned in butter, garlic, pepper (a lot), salt, parsley, and worcestershire sauce

beef marinade

beef for sandwiches

shrimp toast

I ground some small shrimp into a paste with basil, cilantro, egg, sesame seed oil, and fish sauce

shrimp in the blender

ground shrimp

I loaded a slice of baguette with the ground shrimp and a piece of shrimp

preparing the shrimp toast

Then dipped them in sesame seeds and fried them.

shrimp toast



and people brought more food ended up being very fun

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What I Eat, Apparently said...

Mmmm I want to get a ginormous spoon and eat all of those pieces of steak!