Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Potato encrusted fish

ready to serve
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This probably isn't too far from a latke with white fish, it takes a little bit of prep time to slice the potato, but it turned out quite good.

for potato crust
3 medium potato or 4 smallish, (I used red, but a less starchy variety may turn out crispier)
half of a large onion
Fresh chopped parsley
3 cloves of garlic (extra for oil)
The juice of one lime or lemon (could use a dissolved vit C tablet)
Salt and pepper
Egg wash (I added a bit of turmeric for flavor)

I used Tilapia filets as my fish, but I suspect any firm white fish would work. A smoked fish would have been amazing.

tilapia filet

Grate the potato, onions and garlic in a food blender and quickly add the lime juice, salt and pepper and set in a colander as it will lose some water. Add chopped parsley.

grated potato

Heat a generous amount of oil in a pan (may add butter for flavor) and quickly fry another clove of smashed garlic to flavor the oil.


carefully place a thin layer of the potato in the oil about the size of your filet and allow to brown.

potato browning

place filet of fish in eggwash,
Flip over and then add the filet and another layer of potato over this. Flip carefully and brown the other side.

potato + fish nearly done

Keep them warm if you are cooking in batches, and enjoy.

ready to serve

We served them with broccoli, would have been nice with a side of creme fraiche as well.


Jeannette said...

siempre me encuentro con una rica receta y ademas fácil(creo) jajaja
el pescado em gusta ese es tilapia?

BaconGrease said...

Use tilapia para esta receta porque por aca no se consigue muy buen pescado (bueno hay que ir en busqueda).