Monday, April 13, 2009

Multigrain Bread

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I have been keeping a yeast culture going for a couple of weeks now. I needed to make some bread after separating and refeeding the culture. I didn't measure or weigh anything for this and it turned out surprisingly good.

I mixed instant oats, all purpose flour, olive oil, honey and salt with the starter till it came together in a rather wet dough, I did not kneed it.
I left it to rise for around 3 hours in a glass baking dish (greased) at which time it had slightly more than doubled in size. I covered the top with pine nuts and sunflower seeds and baked it at 450 till brown and hollow sounding (when tapped).


A shot of the crumb


With the wetter dough I think it makes a better crust on the bread, I was very happy with the crumb, but I did burn the bottom a little. The pine nuts browned without burning and add a nice sweetness.

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